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About Us


For more than 40 years, Madison Park Greetings (MPG) has been widely recognized in the industry as a venue to showcase the work of a variety of artists who love creating greeting cards and stationery. In the summer of 2019, Designer Greetings acquired the MPG brand and subsequently re-launched the line with six new artists:

Ampersand, Cori Dantini, Hoopla!, Elizabeth Olwen, Rachael Schafer, and Zesti.

With this diverse portfolio of artists, MPG strives to embody a unique aesthetic that always offers a multitude of fresh, new designs! We want to ensure that our customers discover something that speaks to their soul! All of the cards are printed in a petite size and are always accompanied with custom envelopes, They are often enhanced with foil, glitter or embossing to provide an extra special finishing touch.

While we live in a digital world, people still crave interpersonal connections – to inspire, to encourage, to celebrate and so much more. Madison Park Greetings offers this tactile, personal touch through beautiful and thoughtful stationery.

Designer Greetings recognizes the past accomplishments of Madison Park and can’t wait to continue this legacy with our artists, writers, stores and customers like YOU!

We look forward to hearing from you and your customers about the new Madison Park Greetings!

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 9:00 a m – 5:00 pm EST

Phone: 800-638-9622

Madison Park, Inc.
11 Executive Ave.
Edison, NJ 08817 USA

Email   support@themadisonparkgroup.com