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How To Display Your Holiday Cards

Nothing beats heading over to your mailbox and receiving impromptu Christmas cards! People love hearing from family and friends, especially if you may not have heard from them in a while. Holiday cards show that person was thinking of you, wants to keep in touch, and hopes to spread some seasonal cheer! A thank you card for an act of kindness you did or a card from someone who appreciated all that you did throughout the year is also highly appreciated.

But, what do people do with all of that mail? (Not sit them in a pile on their desk, we hope!) People love to display their cards! The colorful greeting card design, the festive sentiments, and the pictures of loved ones are a fun decoration that can be used to give a home an extra warm feeling. It makes you feel connected to the ones you care about, specifically if you aren’t seeing them in person.

Want to add a bit of fun and flare to your card display this year? That’s what we’re here for! Here are Madison Park Greetings 10 Fun Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards:


1. Use festive magnets to display them on your fridge.

Firstly, this is a classic way to display your cards where you will see them multiple times throughout the day as you prepare your meals!




2. Stand them up on a closed windowsill, chest of drawers, shelf or mantle.

It’s a holiday decoration that costs nothing and adds holiday magic throughout your home!




3. Tape them to a wall to create a Christmas tree shape.

For those who don’t feel comfortable taping things to the wall, consider pining them to a cork board!




4. Get crafty and create a clothespin wreath to attach each of your cards.

This is a fun way to create your own decoration that you can use every year!


Holiday DisplayHO HO HO


5. Buy or create a card holder.

This is another fun craft idea. Place each note inside of a pocket for easy viewing access!


Holiday DisplayWONDERFUL


6. Fill your Christmas tree by having them poke out of the branches.

Who needs store-bought ornaments when you could have personalized mail lit by the Christmas lights around your tree!


Holiday DisplayDECK THE HALLS


7. String ribbon and twinkle lights across your fireplace or open doorway.

Simply clothespin each card for a unique decoration that can be used each year!




8. Place them in a festive basket or clear jar.

For a more practical approach, these ideas are perfect to add a special touch of cozy décor. You can even add pinecones and other fun holiday scents to give it a sense of potpourri!


Holiday DisplayJOYEUX NOEL


9. Use ribbon to tie them onto banisters or doors.

This one requires hole-punching the cards, but they make for a beautiful display. Add garland or lights, and you’re never going to want to take them down!




10. At the end of the season, put all of your letters in a scrapbook or decorative box.

Finally, this makes for a nice keepsake that you can look back on for years to come!


Christmas CardsTHE WINE HAS COME



What are some of your favorite ways to display your holiday cards? Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more fun holiday tips and tricks! Happy Holidays!


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