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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Your Cards Online During a Pandemic

We know that this past year and a half has been a bit overwhelming. With all of the uncertainty in the air, we know how important it is now more than ever to take care of your health, your family, and your friends. With all of the holidays rounding the corner and special occasions constantly […]

3 Ways to use our Artistic Greeting Cards for a Wedding

September and October are the most popular wedding months. The romantic colors, the autumn leaves, the aroma of pumpkin spice – it makes sense! Don’t get stuck rummaging through the card isle during a pandemic when you could order your artistic cards from the comfort of your own home! The couple-to-be is sure to love […]

3 Reasons to Send a Back To School Greeting Card!

Summer is almost over and school is right around the corner. Do you know a child starting at a new school this September? Consider leaving them a gift basket with their favorite snacks, pencils with fun toppers, and a thoughtful, artist greeting card! Think of how happy any child would be to wake up to […]

Send an Authentic, Artistic, August Birthday Card!

Did you know that August is the most birthday-filled month of the calendar year? With summer coming to an end and school just around the corner, you may not have much free time to visit with everyone on their upcoming birthday. Discover beautiful, artist-driven cards to send to someone special today! Kids are sure to […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in August

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and school is right around the corner. I can’t believe it either. There are still so many things to do and not enough time to do them in! I’m sure you’re wishing we could celebrate as much as we can before getting back into the rhythm of the […]

Send an Artistic Greeting Card for National Friendship Day!

Is your best friend a parent or a sibling? Your neighbor that you grew up playing hide-and-seek with? Have you known your friendship group since high school? College? Sunday, August 1st 2021 is NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY! Friendship comes in many forms and through the years, they evolve into people we can’t imagine life without. They’ve […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in July

A new month, a new slate of holidays to celebrate! You may think that this cannot be the case if you take a look at your calendar. The only holiday that most standard U.S. calendars list for July has already passed us by – Independence Day on July 4! But that is NOT the only […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in June

A new month, a new slate of holidays to celebrate! Everyone at Madison Park Greetings is in a celebratory mood already as we are just about to officially launch our three new artists and their card lines. Each designer’s line will consist of 16 card designs. You can expect those cards to launch on our […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in May

May the Fourth be with you, MPG Lovers! Sorry to say we are not coming to you from a galaxy far, far away. Yet we are happy to be here on the third rock from the Sun in the Milky Way galaxy, ready to celebrate a few more of the obscure holidays that you’ll never […]

Who wants FREE Shipping?!

Who can put a price on staying connected? Today, more than ever, we crave social connection. We’re extremely pleased to tell you that one of the easiest and most personal ways to do so (even while social distancing) is by sending a greeting card. We’re hoping that since you are reading this you would agree.Going […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in April

Remember last month… how we started our post by warning you “don’t be fooled”? Well, this is the month when we CELEBRATE “fools”! April is chock full of calendar-worthy holidays, from the aforementioned Fools’ Day to Earth Day and Easter in between! Yet as you have come to learn from the team at Madison Park […]

Announcing the Launch of a New Sister Site: NECards.com

Everyone at Madison Park Greetings is excited to announce the launch of a new sister site – NECards.com! Founded in 1993 by professional photographers Bruce Henson and Jack Freed, Northern Exposure specializes in curating and publishing greeting cards that always emphasize the funny side of life! It was their vision of pairing humorous photographs with […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in March

Don’t be fooled: March is not only about Irish kisses and shamrock wishes! To us at Madison Park Greetings, luck is believing you are lucky! And whether it is March 17th or September 17th, we ALWAYS feel lucky to have such an amazing group of women artists to spotlight on our greeting cards (sorry, Saint […]

Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day?

Do You Prefer Your Mid-February Celebration of Love with a “V” or a “G”? No matter if you go for the traditional or the trending holiday, February 13 and 14 is a perfect time to honor the people you love. From those ride-or-die friendships to your “before anyone else”, each day has its own merits. […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in February

Oh, February 2nd – the one day a year when we turn our gaze to a small town in Pennsylvania to get weather advice from a groundhog! Give us a break: he is a rodent, not a meteorologist! Punxsutawney Phil and all of his Rodentia comrades may reign supreme today, but as we say here […]

Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in January

Sure, EVERYONE celebrates New Year’s Day! But take a look at your standard calendar and you will see that the only other official holiday is on 18th when our nation honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Did you know that those two aren’t the only holidays you can commemorate in January? And let’s […]

COMING SOON: New Artists to Join MPG

Madison Park Greetings is excited to announce that we will be adding three new members to our portfolio of artists in 2021: Emma Schonenberg, Emiko Leach, and Kathy Cano-Murillo! These artists join our talented roster of creators including Ine Beerten, Cori Dantini, Rachel Schafer, Elizabeth Olwen, Kimberly Shrack, Morgan Georgie and Carrie Kiefer. The common […]