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How To Gift Your Greeting Cards

People usually send their cards in the mail or hand them to someone in person. Let’s be a little more creative this holiday season! People admire when you add a sense of personalized flare to something you are giving them. It shows you were thinking of them and shares the effort you went through to put a smile on their face. A greeting card design can be just as much  a part of someone’s gift as the physical gift itself. As long as you choose a card that matches that person’s personality, your sentimental message that you write inside can garner a long-lasting smile.

Need help thinking of a creative presentation for your cards? That’s what we’re here for! Here are Madison Park Greetings Top 6 Ways to Gift Your Greeting Cards:


Inside of a themed gift basket.

This one can be really fun to plan! Think about something your recipient loves. Or maybe they’ve just had a big life change – new house, new car, they’re going on a big vacation next month. Buy things you think they can use for that particular event, or purchase things with the same theme so that each item matches. Finally, place your letter at the center of the package so the recipient knows who the basket is from. They’re going to love their gift so much, they won’t even want to open it! If you’re doing a new home present, consider using CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW HOME and pairing it with a basket of new cooking utensils, sauces, and a pasta strainer!

Gift Basket


With a gift card inside!

We get it- the holidays can be a busy time. With the pandemic making it difficult to be in a crowded store and shipping delays causing concern for timely packages, we understand the want to stay away from all of that. Consider placing a gift card inside! This can be to their favorite store, their favorite coffee shop, or a simple visa gift card allowing them to purchase whatever they want and say its from you! Everyone appreciates good, old fashioned money! Consider our AGE GETS BETTER WITH WINE for someone who would enjoy a wine tasting!

Gift Card


On the top or bottom of a wrapped present.

This is a pretty classic way of presenting a present. People know to open their card before the gift so that they already have you in mind while they’re opening it. It makes the gift more special and meaningful when they know the effort you went through to surprise them. Consider EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY to pair with your recipient’s Christmas surprise!

Holiday Cards


Use it to write a clue inside for your Secret Santa/White Elephant gift.

This is fun during the holidays, especially if you’re doing your secret gift exchange with a large group of friends. Leave 3 clues inside and make the recipient guess who their present is from. In addition, penalties like opening theirs last, can be given if they guess wrong. Use our BE MERRY card to write your clues inside!

Christmas Cards


Use it as a clue to where the next card will be!

This can be a fun gift idea not only for Christmas, but for a birthday or anniversary as well. It can be presented with as many cards as u want it to be. (One for each day leading up to December or one for the 12 days of Christmas.) The possibilities are endless! At the end of the scavenger hunt, perhaps a present awaits them. Our HOLIDAY CARDS come in eco friendly boxes made with recycled materials of 10 cards and 10 envelopes, perfect for a scavenger hunt!



Write your favorite holiday recipe inside or include a recent photo of your family.

Not every card needs to be given with a physical gift. Including a recipe can be a unique and very appreciated gift all in itself. A recent photo is also great to include if you haven’t seen your recipient in a while. The card can now be displayed, leaving them with a keepsake that’s worth more than a box of new socks. JOYFUL HOLIDAY SEASON is snow fitting for a good old fashioned cookie recipe!



What are some of your favorite gift giving ideas? Tag us on Instagram @MadisonParkGreetingsCards to share how you’re gifting your holiday cards this year!


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