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New Artist Alert: Crafty Chica, Emma, and Emiko!

Madison Park Greetings is growing! Get ready for three new emerging makers and tons of card designs. With bright colors, whimsical puns, and luxe details, you are sure to find something for every occasion.

Crafty Chica

Our first emerging maker is Kathy Cano-Murillo! Kathy is a Mexican-American author, artist, and founder of the award-winning brand, Crafty Chica! Her life’s mission is to inspire others to bring out their inner sparkle and to see the sparkle in others. She believes in paying it forward and setting a positive example.

new artist

Browse Crafty Chica’s fun greeting card selection!


Emiko Rainbow

Our second new creator is Emiko Rainbow. Emiko is an artist and designer living in Minnesota. Influenced by her Scandinavian and Japanese ethnicity, her whimsical brand inspires kids to celebrate their authenticity and diversity.

new artist

Be sure to check out Emiko’s colorful designs!


Emma Schonenberg

Our final new artist is Emma Schonenberg. Emma is a passionate Surface Designer born in El Salvador. She possesses a rare talent of being able to produce a wide range of desirable design styles. Now, Emma spends most of her time focusing on creating!

new artist

Don’t miss out on Emma’s surface designs!

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