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Send an Artistic Greeting Card for National Friendship Day!

Is your best friend a parent or a sibling? Your neighbor that you grew up playing hide-and-seek with? Have you known your friendship group since high school? College?

Sunday, August 1st 2021 is NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY! Friendship comes in many forms and through the years, they evolve into people we can’t imagine life without. They’ve laughed with us, they’ve cried with us, and they probably know the most embarrassing stories about us… Show your friends just how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful, artistic greeting card!

Your friend is sure to love cards by hoopla! that are part stylish calligraphy and part magical.


If friendships were horses, ours would be a unicorn cause it’s magical.

Paint happiness with Cori Dantini‘s greeting cards that your friends are sure to admire.


I am so thankful for you…

Or bring out your friend’s inner sparkle with Crafty Chica and her award-winning cards.


Chula, Chismosa, A Little Bit Chillona — Pero, Full of Corazón

All of these cards, with their intricate details and embellishments, are sure to give an extra bit of flare to a special friend’s home.

With the pandemic keeping us away from our friends, why not make Friendship Day extra special this year? Share a special moment with an artistic surprise in the mail. They are sure to never forget it!