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The Art of Sending a ‘Just Because’ Card

There are endless reasons to send someone a greeting card in the mail. You can send a card for a birthday, a holiday, or even no reason at all. A card is a great way to send a smile and give your recipient something to display in their home. A card doesn’t just have to share your thanks, express your condolences, or convey best wishes. The fact of the matter is, we adore that human connection. Knowing someone was thinking of us makes us feel special.

Just Because CardInside Greeting: “…you’re my favorite catch!”

Imagine your recipient had the worst day ever – they spilled coffee on the shirt they spent hours ironing, they forgot their presentation at home, and to top it all off, their umbrella broke in the middle of a rainstorm. Think of how much it would mean to them receiving a greeting card in the mail from you! (It would make their terrible, no good, very bad day the best day ever, that’s how!)

Just Because CardInside Greeting: “Reach out anytime.”

With everything going on in the world, everyone’s feeling some sort of stress or anxiety about something. We don’t have time to call, text, or DM every person we care about. So if you have an extra five minutes to spare – sit down, relax, grab a fancy ballpoint pen, and write a handwritten note just to say hello.


Here are some sample greetings to write in your ‘Just Because’ card:
  • Thank you for always being there for me.
  • This card made me think of you. Just thought I’d drop by and say Hello! Miss you!
  • I just wanted to say how much I love you! A whole lot, that’s how much!
  • Thank you for being my friend. You’re amazing, and I appreciate you tremendously!
  • I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments. Know that I am always rooting for you!
  • You are really awesome. I hope you have an equally awesome day!
  • Here is a card to remind you how much I treasure our friendship!
  • Thank you for being you. I hope you have a beautiful day. You deserve the best!
  • Nothing makes me prouder than to call you my sister. Can’t wait for our dinner date next month!
  • I just wanted to remind you how lucky I am to have a friend like you.

Just Because CardInside Greeting: “Thanks for existing in my life.”

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