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The Importance of Inclusive Greeting Cards

Madison Park Group was founded in 1980 and has been relaunched as Madison Park Greetings in 2019. At Madison Park Greetings, we spotlight a diverse and inclusive portfolio of artists passionate about greeting cards. They love to play with bright colors, whimsical puns, and luxe details to help you celebrate all occasions and moments. Madison Park Greetings cards are well-crafted, helping you to inspire, encourage, celebrate, and so much more.

For those who don’t believe a greeting card design makes much of a difference in the world of diversity and inclusion, 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year. That’s an estimated $7.5 billion, according to The Greeting Card Association. With the pandemic and younger card buyers sending more mail than ever before, that number is only going to continue to rise.


Inclusive greeting cards create a sense of belonging.

A greeting card expresses all of the human emotions. Sending thoughtful cards allows for us to connect with our loved ones and share our feelings no matter what they may be going through. The combination of beautiful artwork, considerate sentiments and handwritten words are a powerful means of expression. Imagine trying to pick out a card at a retail store and not finding one that represented you or who you are. It can be very disheartening.


Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Out

Inclusive greeting cards allow people to feel included, safe and welcome, regardless of who they are.

Have you ever gone down a card aisle in a store and noticed the gender stereotypes among some cards? Father and brother cards are often referenced by sports, beer or cars. Cards for mothers and sisters often feature makeup, clothes and princesses. This makes it difficult to choose a card for someone who may not fit the description of the stereotypical male or female role. Society is becoming more accepting of the needs and preferences of trans, non-binary and gender neutral people. As a result, society needs to start seeing more gender-neutral designs.


Amigas Para Siempre

Inclusive greeting cards create an atmosphere where all people feel valued and respected. People should have access to the same opportunities, no matter who they are.

With designs that represent a variety of preferences, think of the endless possibilities we now have. We can create more innovative designs, reach more people around the world, and raise awareness of diversity and inclusion.

I see a Bright Future, Madame Fortuna

Inclusive greeting cards inspire the next generation of artists and card senders.

When people see their individual self represented on the big screen, in a book or on a card, it gives them a sense of self. That they could one day achieve that same goal. Representation matters.


Inside Verse: “Have courage and be kind.”

Greeting cards exist to bring people together. It’s important to be able to cater to everyone’s needs, no matter the occasion.

It’s not just enough to have the cards, but to promote them. We can do this by building social media activity, and bringing publishers and retailers together. We can encourage retailers to broaden their card selection to make it more diverse and inclusive. This doesn’t just start with the artists who create the designs. It starts with a diverse and inclusive team working together to teach, learn, and inspire from one other.


The Soul of a Woman is Full of Magic

We hope this inspires you to create, buy, or promote inclusivity amongst greeting card design. It may seem small to you but to someone else, it could mean the world.

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