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Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in April

Remember last month… how we started our post by warning you “don’t be fooled”? Well, this is the month when we CELEBRATE “fools”! April is chock full of calendar-worthy holidays, from the aforementioned Fools’ Day to Earth Day and Easter in between! Yet as you have come to learn from the team at Madison Park Greetings, we like to celebrate the more obscure but just as viable holidays that you may never find printed on your desk calendar at work! So read on to learn all about our Top 3 “Holidays” to honor in the month of April!

National Find a Rainbow Day (April 3)

Madison Park Greetings doesn’t need to look to the sky to find our rainbow! We have already found our rainbow – Emiko Rainbow, one of our emerging makers whose card line will be available this summer! She is a Minnesota artist whose whimsical brand inspires people to celebrate their authenticity and diversity. Her colorful patterned art is influenced by her Scandinavian and Japanese ethnicity. Even if there are no rainbows in your sky today, you can still celebrate with our very own beam of iridescent light and positivity and her lovely artwork:

“Kindness is Also Contagious” – Inside Verse: “Sprinkle it everywhere!”


National Unicorn Day (April 9)

You may find it hard to believe, but this mythical creature has been running wild in the imaginations of people for centuries – all the way back to Ancient Greece! The Ancient Greeks believed that they were an indigenous species of the exotic land of India! Fast forward a few hundred or so years, and these majestic horses with horns still captivate us. To celebrate all of the unicorns that actually exist in your life and not just in your imagination, we say send them some snail mail love courtesy of Hoopla! Letters:

“If Friendships Were Horses, Ours Would Be a Unicorn ‘Cause It’s Magical” – Inside Verse: “Thanks for existing in my life.”


International Dance Day (April 29)

Not just a “national” celebration – every April 29 is a global celebration of dance! Whether you are classically trained or just a toe-tapper who stands on the sidelines, today is the day to honor the art of the dance! Dance is an art form that can cross all cultural, political, and social barriers and has the power to unite. Dance is like a common language that you never will need a translation for! So in honor of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet, we celebrate International Dance Day with our own fierce girl ballerina, brought to life by Cori Dantini:

“Happy Birthday Fierce Girl” – Inside Verse: “The world is yours for the taking! Happy Birthday”.

Until next month,

Madison Park Greetings