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Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in January

Sure, EVERYONE celebrates New Year’s Day! But take a look at your standard calendar and you will see that the only other official holiday is on 18th when our nation honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Did you know that those two aren’t the only holidays you can commemorate in January? And let’s face it… life is better when every day is a celebration! Here at Madison Park Greetings, we want to help our customers celebrate life every day! Every day of YOUR life is a special occasion, but here are our Top 3 “Holidays” to honor in the month of January!

National Pharmacist Day (January 12)

What a way to kick off the year by celebrating members of our healthcare system’s frontline. Not only do our cherished pharmacists check and dispense our much-needed medications, they offer advice and ensure that we are comfortable with our prescriptions. In 2020, we were rightly quick to thank the more renowned positions in the medical field. Now, it is time for our pharmacists to get their due… and what better way than with a “thank you” greeting card!


National Hugging Day (January 21)

Hugging may still violate our early 2021 social distancing guidelines, but what about a hug in greeting card form? That sounds like the perfect solution to celebrate this weird, wacky holiday that falls (or is hugged) perfectly between Christmas and Valentine’s Day! Express your feelings and show affection to one another! Give your loved ones the hug that they deserve… and that is perfect for 2021!


National Handwriting Day (January 23)

Falling every year on the birthday of the most infamous signer of the Declaration of Independence, this unofficial holiday commemorates the practice of handwriting with an actual writing utensil. Put away your tablet. Stop tapping on your keyboard. Pick up a pen or pencil and celebrate the holiday! Sign your own John Hancock… after writing a little personal “thinking of you” greeting to a friend or loved one on card designed by Hoopla Letters! They love to celebrate the art of the written word ALL YEAR LONG!

Until next month,
Madison Park Greetings