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Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in July

A new month, a new slate of holidays to celebrate! You may think that this cannot be the case if you take a look at your calendar. The only holiday that most standard U.S. calendars list for July has already passed us by – Independence Day on July 4! But that is NOT the only holiday that you can choose to celebrate during the seventh month of the year. Discover below Madison Park Greetings’ Top 3 Holidays to Celebrate in July!

Kitten Day (July 10)

We are not “kitten” you – there IS a holiday devoted entirely to honoring fierce felines that have not yet reached a cougar or even cat-deemed age. Which bodes the question… when does a kitten become a cat? When do they stop being celebrated on July 10 and have to wait until National Cat Day on October 29 to be honored for being the purr-fect pets they are? The answer… there isn’t one! It’s true! It is different for every individual cat. So to those early learners to the late bloomers, we honor you all today with some “Hugs and Kittens” courtesy of Rachael Schafer:

National Kitten Day - July Holiday

“Hugs and Kittens” – Inside Verse: “You’re purrfect together. Happy Anniversary”

Give Something Away Day (July 15)

You know how that old saying goes: ‘it is better to give than to receive’! This holiday is a newbie to the scene, having only been officially founded in 2015. Yet we feel that it deserves recognition for its inherent encouragement of being generous, no matter the form. Buying a morning coffee for a friend. Donating seldom-worn clothing to charity. Or even running a Christmas in July promotion that gives each and every customer an amazing discount on holiday cards! Madison Park Greetings is celebrating the holiday by doing just that. You can take 20% OFF all of our Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday cards (like this seasonal design by Hoopla! Letters) by using the special promo code “SANTA21” at checkout!

Give Something Away Day - July Holiday

“Have a Cup of Cheer”  – Inside Verse: “Wishing you a warm and toasty Christmas!”

Ice Cream Day (July 18)

Did you know that this day was founded by a sitting U.S. President? Talk about being calendar worthy – if a “groundhog” can make it, why can’t “ice cream”? In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day! In fact – the WHOLE MONTH OF JULY is “Ice Cream Month”. We don’t exactly know if President Reagan had all of his facts straight when it comes to this sweet treat – “a nutritious and wholesome food enjoyed by over ninety percent of the people in the United States.’’ We believe the “ninety percent” part! It is the nutritious label that has us scratching our heads. Yet no matter what your feelings are regarding this (usually) dairy dessert, you too can celebrate, Madison Park Greetings style with a creative calligram card from Hoopla! Letters:

Ice Cream Day - July Holidays

“Hope your birthday is as sweet as you!” – Inside Verse: “Plus sprinkled with smiles and topped with tons of fun! Happy Birthday”

Until next month,

Madison Park Greetings