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Top 3 Funny, Random Holidays to Celebrate in June

A new month, a new slate of holidays to celebrate! Everyone at Madison Park Greetings is in a celebratory mood already as we are just about to officially launch our three new artists and their card lines. Each designer’s line will consist of 16 card designs. You can expect those cards to launch on our site midsummer (late July). Thus, in their honor, all three holidays that we are choosing to spotlight in the month of June have to do with friendship. Keeping with the theme, we will not only select one card from our current lineup of artists for each holiday, but one from each of our new emerging makers as well.

Best Friends Day (June 8th)

No – we are not getting ahead of ourselves and celebrating the “International Day of Friendship” early this year. That actually recognized holiday is not for another few weeks (July 30 to be exact). Today is not only about celebrating friendship – but those special friends that you call your besties. A best friend is not the friend that you have known the longest. A best friend is the one that will always be by your side when you need them… your ride or die friend… your amiga para siempre… which is the perfect segue into highlighting one of our amazing new designers, Kathy Cano-Murillo, also known as the Crafty Chica:

Crafty Chica - June

“Amigas Para Siempre” – Inside Verse: “Here’s to cafecito y comadres con mucho corazón! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.” (AVAILABLE MIDSUMMER 2021)

Ampersand June

“Ride or Die” – Inside Verse: “Life’s more fun with a friend like you.” (Card Designed by Ampersand Design Studio).

National Handshake Day (June 24)

When is the last time that you actually shook someone’s hand? We have spent over a year breaking this habit and finding new, more socially distant, ways to greet someone. Will we ever give up on this ancient form of saying “hello”? It is highly doubtful, as there is evidence that shows the handshake may date back to the 5th Century BC… or even further to Ancient Egypt! To celebrate today in the present, we will compromise and extend our hand with a lovely bouquet of multicultural happiness, courtesy of Emiko Rainbow!

“This day was handpicked just for you! – Inside Verse: “Happiest Birthday to you.” (AVAILABLE MIDSUMMER 2021)

Cori Dantini June

“I will always be here for you.” – Inside Verse: “Reach out anytime.” (Card Designed by Cori Dantini).

Social Media Day (May 30th)

Each and every one of our amazing card designers have their own social media channels that you can follow. We have actually spent the past few weeks spotlighting each and every artist in an MPG Artist of the Week” series on our own social media channels. You can catch up on all of the action by heading over to our profiles where we have tagged and linked each and every artists’ own page. This week, we are highlighting Emma Schoenberg – one of the newest artists to join the MPG lineup. That makes one of her new card designs a perfect celebrant for today’s holiday!

“The Soul of a Woman Is Full of Magic”  – Inside Verse: “Happy Birthday to One Amazing Woman”. (AVAILABLE MIDSUMMER 2021)

Zesti June

“Have a Magical Birthday” – Inside Verse: “Hope everything you do today sends waves of happiness your way! Happy Birthday”. (Card Designed by ‘ZESTI (Ine Beerten)).

Until next month,

Madison Park Greetings