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Finding Greeting Cards For Unusual Occasions

You can send greeting cards for literally all common or unusual occasions. (And if you’re someone who loves to receive greeting cards, then this is good news for you!) Sure, birthdays and holidays are the most popular card giving events, but millennials especially are finding that you don’t need to send a card for a specific reason. People send greeting cards just to let someone know they were thinking of them, which definitely leaves a long-lasting smile.

Madison Park Greetings has an array of cards from Birthday and Get Well to cards written in Spanish. We even have cards for all of those important milestones ranging from Bridal Shower up to their Baby Shower. But what about those rare occasions that may not be as popular as an anniversary? If you are trying to find greeting cards for unusual occasions, look no further than Madison Park Greetings!


Friendship Cards

Our friendship cards are perfect for those rare occasions such as Friendsgiving (the friendship version of Thanksgiving), Galentine’s Day (the friendship version of Valentine’s Day), and even International Friendship Day (you get the point…). You Are The Straw To My Berry keeps its sentiments simple. The ‘I Love You’ verse inside is perfect to share with your friends without specifically saying which occasion it’s for. This gives you the opportunity to write in your own memories and inside jokes.

Friendship CardsFriendship Cards


New Home Cards

Madison Park Greetings happily sells New Home greeting cards for those who find a new place to call their casita. It’s quite the long process to find a new home with all of the packing and unpacking. While sending a card for a new home isn’t always common, it’s a really nice gesture for those who worked hard to achieve this new life goal. Pair one of our New Home cards with a bottle of champagne, and your friend will be bragging about you at their housewarming party!

Unusual OccasionsThere’s No Place Like Home


Bon Voyage Cards

Know someone about to travel the world? Moving to a different country? Going off to study abroad for school? Writing a new book series? These unusual occasions should always be celebrated; they are big achievements after all! Go Off and Come Back With Stories is a great card to celebrate any sort of adventure that person may be going on.

Unusual OccasionsBon Voyage Cards


Encouragement Cards

Greeting cards aren’t only sent as a means to celebrate. They are also used to spread encouragement in a time of need. Hang In There is an endearing sentiment to use if someone is struggling with an illness, battling cancer, or going through a rough patch. No matter the situation, it’s a nice way to let them know you are there for them. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade can be used for unusual occasions such as starting a new job. And our You’ve Got This could be used for moments such as going through a bad breakup. It not only reminds them that you are on their side, but that amazing things take time. Sometimes they just need to hear from you that it will get better!

Encouragement Cards


Blank Cards

Did we miss an unusual occasion? Never fear! Our selection of Blank greeting cards are perfect for writing the words that we couldn’t express for you. Our ‘You’re a peach, thank you’ card is perfect for an instance where you have to thank your neighbor for watching your dog while you went away with your family for the weekend! With its blank verse, any sentiment is a good one!
Unusual Occasions

Blank Cards


Madison Park Greetings has trendy greeting cards designed by artists for every time you want to show someone you care. All of these cards, with their intricate details and embellishments, are sure to give an extra bit of flare to your recipient’s home. Show someone special how much they mean to you with a personal, handwritten greeting card. (No ‘usual’ occasion necessary!)

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